Our Value to the Industry

Our Mission

Our mission at Performance Energy is to increase competence and efficiency in the Energy Industry.

Why we are different

We stand apart from our competitors in several ways, the main way being the level of knowledge & effectiveness we bring to our clients.

Whether it be personnel requirements, consulting support to improve processes or rebuilding your profile to demonstrate your value to the industry, Performance Energy has a purpose-built solution to get you there as our valued client.

Why clients value us

Performance Energy prides itself on putting the client first. We understand that the oil field is typically divided by technical & commercial groups, therefore, we have positioned ourselves to support both groups and bridge any gaps that may be present.

trusted network

Our trusted network

Performance Energy can provide its clients with individuals that are technically competent & professional, having built a global network containing an endless pool of prequalified & non-qualified professionals open to new opportunities.

Due to our vast exposure covering all continents, we can supply both Expats & Local personnel.

technical understanding

Technical Understanding

Our passion for the industry & knowledge has led us to become trained to a technical level that allows us to communicate effectively with both clients & consultants.This approach permits us to obtain more technically specific job descriptions from the Engineering & Operational teams, ensuring that when we are qualifying personnel for our clients projects the match in competency is exactly as required.


Cost Saving

Having the correct personnel on projects the first time around lowers the risk of NPT and safety incidents, therefore supporting cost-saving. We also offer additional services besides the supply of technical personnel that can help streamline processes, improve internal selection & technical training, to lower the dependency on 3rd party agent support.


Partnership & Honesty

We operate true to the oil field values; by offering each client a bespoke service, ensuring our partnership remains strong.

The aim is to be seen as an extension of your business, not an external source.

Our honest approach doesn't just come in the form of positive news. To reach our shared goals we are not afraid of being open when it comes to negative situations, yet we always have a resolution in mind.

Our Values


Competency not only saves lives, but it also supports cost-saving meaning that projects can operate on lower AFE's. We are passionate about ensuring that the consultants in our trusted network are as technically skilled in person as they state they are on paper.


Performance is everything to ensure that our mission is achieved.


We are honest in our approach & work on a basis of trust.


We strive for greatness, therefore, we believe, having a vision that is shared with our clients will help us achieve this.

Why candidates value us

Performance Energy only engages with the top percentile personnel in the industry. Unlike your typical ‘manpower / Body shops’ we add significant value to our clients & our trusted network of professionals, therefore we classify ourselves as a service company.

Whilst it isn’t always easy to differentiate the two, there are some key differences!

Working with like-minded professionals

Part of our proven process includes conducting in-depth technical analysis on our consultants' past employment history, performances & technical ability whilst verifying through smart referencing.

Client selection

We adopt the same methodology when engaging with clients as we do for personnel selection. Ensuring that the client has a good safety track record, operates compliantly and is only interested in personnel of the highest quality for their projects.

Our reach

Having worked in all regions of the world we have the ability to source work in every desired location.

The benefit of this is, if one market is seeing a slow period we can source work in a region that may have better prospects.

Mobilisation & Aftercare

Your safety is our number one concern both at the point of mobilization & whilst on your assignment. Therefore we only work with verified vendors to ensure your safety is in good hands.

We appreciate your feedback

Performance Energy values your feedback, if you have worked with us in the past we would appreciate any reviews you have on our service to help us improve.

If you would like to leave us some feedback, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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