Regions We Cover

MENA, ESSA, APAC, LATAM & North America

We hold experience mobilizing crews in some of the toughest & harshest conditions on the planet.

Including; Desert, Jungle, Heli-Rig locations as well as offshore locations ranging from shallow water through to Ultra-Deepwater.

Our ability allows us to understand that the location can make all the difference to the complexity of the well/project. Therefore, we have purposefully built our network of trained professionals accordingly to cover all operations globally.

In regions that Performance Energy doesn't have a physical office, we have created dedicated joint ventures with local suppliers & visa agents to ensure our knowledge & local compliance remains to the highest of standards while aiming to lower our clients' costs.

Regions we have recently supported

  • Albania (Onshore)
  • Cameroon (Onshore) (Shallow water)
  • Canada (Deep water)
  • Egypt (Onshore) (Deep water)
  • Equatorial Guinea(Shallow water)
  • Gabon (Shallow water)
  • Ghana (Deep water)
  • Greece (Onshore)
  • India (Shallow water) (Deep water)
  • Indonesia (Onshore) (Shallow water)
  • Iraq (Onshore)
  • Israel (Deep water)
  • Italy (Onshore)
  • Japan (Onshore)
  • Kenya (Onshore)
  • Malaysia (Shallow water)
  • Mauritania (Deep water)
  • Myanmar (Shallow water) (Deep water)
  • Netherlands (Onshore) (Shallow water)
  • Nigeria (Shallow water) (Deep water)
  • Norway (Shallow water)
  • Oman (Onshore)
  • PNG (Onshore)
  • Philippines (Deep water)
  • Qatar (Shallow water)
  • Saudi Arabia (Onshore) (Shallow water)
  • Senegal(Deep water)
  • Singapore (Onshore)
  • Thailand (Shallow water)
  • Tanzania (Shallow water)
  • Turkmenistan(Shallow water)
  • UAE (Onshore)
  • UK (North Sea) (Shallow water)
  • UK (Onshore)
  • Vietnam (Shallow water)

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